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Today it isn't just about "healthy eating" for just our weight; it's about understanding the severity level to which it affects both our life span and our ability to extract quality from life.

As concerns regarding how our food is grown and sold to us begin to rise, there are growing cases of childhood disorders; different cancers emerging and psychological conditions, like MS, occurring in younger age groups than ever before.

With future bi-products and their causes relatively unexplored; hormones and pesticides used to grow our food combined with preservatives and additives to store/sell them, mean that the people growing and distributing our food don't know exactly how at stake they are putting the every day consumer.

For most of us, we arrive at the door to good health for a number of reasons; age, health issues, guilt, good influences or just because one day we woke up and felt we needed change.

The truth is that many people live by convenience, if someone had told me how easy and fun it is to change my life, I'd have done it years ago. This blog is ALL about learning tools that can arm you in taking control over your health; it shows you just how simple substitutes and imagination in cooking can give you a better quality of life.

When I got married and realised I wanted to take care of someone else for the first time, while thinking about my previous and current "blah" attitude to diet and exercise; I panicked, thinking of all the damage my sugary drinks, bad diet and lack of exercise might have already done.

I started cooking; I researched, I stopped buying pre-made items or store bought sauces and I began to do it all myself. I became 90% vegetarian and cooked a large amount of vegan recipes; what I learned is that not only does it taste better and look better, BUT it doesn't take longer!

If you read this blog your gonna make some new friends; chia seeds, maca powder, quinoa, goji berries any many more. Luckily they all hang out in the same place so find a good health food store and be nice to the shop assistant!

That said; I've developed and sustained my lifestyle to this point feeling happy, healthy and free, simply because I enjoy it! So follow, like, save, send, make, bake, tweet...but most of all...get ready to make some delicious food!

With excitement and sincerity,

Ella Fin


Hey, I'm Ella. I created this blog because I was the last person likely to do so. Until I was 24, I had seen the inside of a gym less times then I could count on one hand; I had seen the inside of a kitchen even less. Lifestyle change is 100% up to you; learning how to take care of myself on a self-controlled, self-sustained level has been the education of my life; self taught and self implemented.

I want to show you how fun; simple changes in your day-to-day can become effective breeders of new, healthy habits. A healthy mindset will directly impact and affect the rest of your life; and it's way easier than it might seem.


Ella Fin

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